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We make property buying, selling and investing easy and transparent with these services.


Use our workflow to track the process of either buying, selling or renting property.


Choose the workflow that suits your current stage in the property process.


Save, select, edit,sign and send documents all in Keeyco's platform.


Use Keeyco's templates to make creating legal documents easy.


With Keeyco, you can see how your property is doing and improve it.


Use Keeyco's Mortgage or ROI calculator and see your properties rating.


Keeyco shows you how your property is performing and offers you advice to improve.


See how your property fair with others and see how they improved so you know how you can too.

With Keeyco

Be Ahead Of The Market

Try before you buy through checking a properties performance with Keeyco’s Analysis simulation or see how your property is doing using our calculators and get advice to succeed.

Select and rate agents and service so you know that you are getting the best services and support .


Fremium Use Keeyco for free to track your properties progress through the selling, buying and renting stage. You can manage your property in the buying process, have transparency in the selling process and use all property managing services in the renting process.

Pro Use Keeyco's Pro features for Advice, Legal support and local management to ensure you make the right choices and improve your properties performance in the real estate market.

About Us

Keeyco is a one of a kind property software platform that brings clarity and transparency in a very tangled and confusing real estate market. You can now buy, sell and invest with easy.

Buy property with Keeyco and avoid the multiple fees

Sell property with low agent rates

Invest in property and avoid paying unnecessary costs

Best Property Software Platform

Why Choose Us

Keeyco makes managing your properties easy by providing you notifications on rent payments, mortgage payments, market changes, and interested tenants.
Keeyco lets you know how your property is doing with performance score/ratings from your properties ROI and cash flow inputs and from insight/analysis.
You can also use Keeyco to simulate properties you are interested in or properties you own to see if you are making a good choice or not.
Keeyco also lets you store and sign contracts and documents, send and receive documents as well as create legal documents.
Keeyco provides you with tasks required for your different property journey’s and provides services when you need them every step of the way.

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