Purchasing your first property is most likely to be your first milestone of adulthood. Instead of figuring out the process on your own, Keeyco is here to help you understand what you are eligible to buy, calculate your finances, budget accurately, and recommend the best property options through our insight and services. With Keeyco, buying your first home is guaranteed a happy and stress-free process!

Selling your property can be made easier with an experienced agent who can advise you on the best marketing plan, negotiate the best possible price for you, smoothly guide you through the sale process, and carry the administrative burden for you. For a smooth transition to your next home, proper timeline management and financial planning is also crucial.

If you own an existing property and you’re looking to rent out the space to earn additional passive income, let us help you. Our services include property management which covers day-to-day tenant management & challenges.

Be it residential, commercial or industrial, it is important to understand your investment options and gain knowledge on the creative property investment methods. We do an in-depth research on the projects including their breakeven costs, launch prices, potential growth to determine which is the best option that caters to your investment priorities.

Unsure of your property options? Let us figure it out with you together! If you are feeling lost and confused on what is the best property option for you, speak with us and let us guide you through your options. We are happy to do a free customized sharing session and answer all your questions.