With all of the complexities that go into completing a real estate transaction, an enormously useful tool is Keeyco’s workflow feature. This allows you to have a simpler way to manage transactions, through each phase, allowing you to receive better service to the buying, selling, renting and investing process, and eliminating any inefficiency caused by disorganization of transaction management.

A real estate transaction workflow task is a good way to visually see all that you must keep track of for each transaction. It is one thing to do that for a single transaction, but once multiple transactions are introduced, management of all the phases becomes extremely complex.

Keeyco’s Workflow task features help by creating a centralized database in which to view all transactions per property. Additionally, the job of monitoring where in the process each transaction is automated.

There are few tools better equipped to easily free your time so you can have more time to enjoy the real estate journey, boosting your profits/equity and productivity while also giving you the overall satisfaction of buying, selling, renting or investing your property.