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About Us

Keeyco started from the realization of how hard it was to begin investing in property in Australia. We straight away realized that a lot of people were complaining how unnecessarily complicated buying or selling a property was. Keeyco understands the issues and brings transparency and simplicity in your property journey.

Our Services

Especially favourable compliment but thoroughly unreserved saw she themselves.


Use our workflow to track the process of either buying, selling or renting your property


Choose the workflow that suits your current stage in the property process


Save, select, edit, sign and send documents all in Keeyco's platform.


Use Keeyco's templates to make creating legal documents easy.


With Keeyco, you can see how your property is doing and improve it.


Use Keeyco's Mortgage or ROI Calculator and see your properties rating


Keeyco shows you how your property is performing and offers you advice to improve.


See how your property fairs with others and see how they improved so you know how you can too.

Our Team

Meet the Keeyco team

Josh Nhundu

Josh Nhundu

Josh provides leadership and vision to Keeyco as CEO. with more than 20 years In engineering, technical sales and Product design, Josh has the know how to take Keeyco forward.
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal

Jamal is the application and implementation brains of Keeyco. A technology leader and product manager, he has led and transformed multiple technological projects into automated systems.
Dino Valerie

Dino Valerie

Real estate Advisor
Dino runs and leads a successful real estate agency "MVP realtors" and has years of experience in buying, selling and managing property for a multitude of home owners.


Our Skills

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Wether you are buying, seling, renting or investing in property. Keeyco has the skills to get you the best results with simplicity and transparency in mind. No more extra fees and commissions, no more complicated steps. Instead you will have a team of people working for you at every step, transaction and process while you sit back and let Keeyco manage the process.

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Especially favourable compliment but thoroughly unreserve.

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