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Use our workflow to track the process of either buying, selling or renting your property.


Choose the workflow that suits your current stage in the property process.


Save, select, edit, sign and send documents all in Keeyco's platform


Use Keeyco's templates to make creating legal documents easy


With Keeyco, you can see how your property is doing and improve it.


Use Keeyco's Mortgage and ROI calculators and see your properties rating.


Keeyco shows you how your property is performing and offers you advice to improve.


See how your property fairs with others and see how they improved so you know how you can too.

Agents and services

Keeyco provides you with a selection of realtors, settlement agents, valuers, advisors, inspectors and brokers.

Rate and select

With Keeyco you can select the best or most affordable agents or services with our selection and ratings feature.

Legal and advise

Keeyco allows you to ask questions and get answers online to any legal property clarity or create and submit legal documents.

Custom documents

Keeyco can analyze and customize documents particular to your situation and give you advise that suits your situation.


Keeyco will manage all your property transactions, services and agents and provide you with insight into the process.


With keeyco, you get to see what is happening during the buying, selling or renting process. Keeyco will also notify you whats happening next.

Best Property Software Platform

Why Choose Us

Keeyco makes managing your properties easy by providing you notifications on rent payments, mortgage payments, market changes, and interested tenants.
Keeyco lets you know how your property is doing with performance score/ratings from your properties ROI and cash flow inputs and from insight/analysis.
You can also use Keeyco to simulate properties you are interested in or properties you own to see if you are making a good choice or not.
Keeyco also lets you store and sign contracts and documents, send and receive documents as well as create legal documents.
Keeyco provides you with tasks required for your different property journey’s and provides services when you need them every step of the way.


Make the best decision for your property and see if we’re the right fit.


Keeyco is the easiest property transaction and services management software that helps manage the buying, selling, renting and investing of property using our automated tracking feature. Managing someone else’s property? Keeyco has you covered too.

Our goal is to make your life easier so you get more done in less time, increase occupancy and profitability while decreasing turnover and workload. Soon you’ll have the time and energy to focus on what matters most.

Keeyco is built for property owners and landlords, realtors managing property for property owners and landlords, investors, tenants or anyone managing any property worldwide.

Most of our members are frustrated with how they currently manage their property. They want to be more organized, generate custom reports with ease, and increase profits without increasing their expenses.

With unlimited customization and flexibility, Keeyco is perfect for anyone just getting started with 1 property, or more.

With Keeyco, you can:

  1. List and market your property online to sell or to rent.
  2. Buy property or search for property and compare before buying.
  3. Offer paperless online buying, selling or renting transactions.
  4. Automatically fill and send legal documents.
  5. Get renter or property insurance
  6. Collect rent online.
  7. Pay services, fees or transactions connected to your properties
  8. Communicate with tenants, realtors, brokers, settlement agents and more services all in Keeyco’s platform.
  9. Offer a realtors to owner’s portal for multiple owners management.
  10. Manage your vendors/services and work orders
  11. get insight and a rating on your property and improve your properties rating.
  12. Manage your bookkeeping and accounting to remove duplicate data entry in QuickBooks
  13. And much more

Keeyco provides you with an online handlers and a manager for your account to help you get setup on Keeyco to start transacting.

Keeyco’s software platform is built with the most beautiful and user friendly software imaginable. If you can use a mobile phone, you can use Keeyco.

Anyone, regardless of age or computer experience, can use Keeyco. In fact, most of our members don’t even ask for training, but we still Provide an account manager ready to answer your questions.

Keeyco is free for the first month and then is $10 per month after that. allowing you to add property, calculate your returns and manage your transactions using our automated workflow tracker.

Keeyco offers an advisory feature that costs $50 per month to get advise and use our agents and services to help create reports from inspections, valuations and listing your property.

Keeyco then provide a 1% commission fee for selling. or buying property which takes care of settlement, taxes, legal  and banking fees.

Please click here to send us a message, and we promise to respond within 24 hours guaranteed.

You can also click here to schedule a private virtual demo.


Premium features and services at a discount.


$ Free
Track property transactions
Manage tenants and get paid
Connect with agents, services and vendors
Store, sign, edit & send documents
Get advice to improve your Investment


40 $ 20
Get notifications on your property
See offers and intrests
Access property analysis
List properties to sell or to rent
Manage bond and rent money
Save 44%


$ 50
Buy and sell your properties
Save, manage and export transactions for tax time
Get settlement and mortgage help
Get access to your very own property representative
Save on commission fees

The Property Service Platform
Guiding you through your property journey

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